Arroz con Pollo (Chicken & Rice)


Boy do I have a treat for you. We all have a recipe that brings back special childhood memories. This one is a favorite for me.

Curry Chicken


If you are looking for dinner ideas with chicken, this Caribbean favorite is a must try. It’s a perfect hearty meal. Curry Chicken is a tasty dish that brings me so much comfort. If you don’t want chicken you can always use any other meat or tofu. Let’s get started with this delicious meal. INGREDIENTS: …

Salt Fish Pate


Breakfast, lunch or dinner! Pates fit the bill for any meal. FILLING INGREDIENTS:1lb Salted cod fish1 sweet onion1 bell pepper (I do a mix of red and green)1 green onion3 garlic cloves1 tsp oregano1 tsp thyme1 tsp parsley1 tsp dried celery2 tbs tomato paste1/4 – 1/4 scotch bonnet (sub red pepper flakes)2 tbs butter2 tbs …

Banana Fritters

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Banana Fritters are great for breakfast. It’s not your typical pancake. It really isn’t a pancake at all. Once you have a taste of these, you’ll never look at over ripened bananas the same again. Get ready to wow your family with this recipe from the Virgin Islands. Ingredients:3 mashed bananasĀ¾ milk1 tbs. vanilla essenceĀ¼ …

Fried Cabbage


There is something about one pot meals after a 2 hour commute on a cold rainy day. Can I insert an eye roll?! This cabbage one pot meal is my go to on nights like these. It’s simple and healthy and comes together quickly. This recipe boasts deliciously seasoned cabbage with added veggies and smoked …

Sorrel Drink

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Sorrel Drink is a spiced drink made with the flowers of the Sorrel plant. The drink can be serve with or without rum. Sorrel Drink is great any time of the year and is refreshingly good!

Pigeon Peas & Rice

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A staple addition to Virgin Islands meals is always rice…especially peas & rice. Whether the peas are cooked in or added over the rice, it’s an everyday starch. To accomplish this version of Pigeon Peas & rice, here’s what I used.